The Essential Burp Suite

OK   we have download teh burp suite .let's begin start the tool

1、if  we  want to use the total memory  enough ,we shoud define the Memory ,it's prudent to specify how much system RAM is allocated to burp suite in the beginning itself .  there is a small caveat we should know.

   like this :  java - jar -Xmx2048M /path/to/Burpsutie.jar  

     or like this : java -jar -Xmx2G /path/to/Burpsuite.jar

  when we meeting the problems that the Browser show a cryptic error ,which is as fellow :

    Burp Proxy error : Permission denied:connect

 why ? these matter.  ,because the Browser use the  interface IPv6 , so , all we need to do is tell java that we want to use the IPv4 interface  by passing  the fellowing parameter to the  runtime : how we can do : as fellow :

      java -Xmx2G -java /path/to/BurpSuite.jar

and then we shoud to configle the web Browser , the Burp Suite like a Proxy .we can use it to intercept all of we wanted information from client to server. besides .we also using invisible proxying ,to intercept traffic from such client .like as app application .




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